Pressman’s is a dedication to the historic era of early 20th century when sandwiches were first introduced to America. Very Soon it captured the diet penchant of the Country and became the way of life for Americans…

Pressman’s revisits this very origin of sandwich making and creates those nostalgic moments of human interactions filled with emotions and inspiration in equal breadth… It was a time when road side kiosks small cafes in America served sandwiches in make-shift plates made of newspapers…People would often meet up over a sandwich to only get embroiled in the headlines of these newspapers wrapped around the sandwich and break into passionate conversations which would often take shape of social discourse Zurich Prime Facebook

Each Pressman’s sandwich or “PRESS” as we call it is refreshingly distinct yet authentic. With freshly baked signature bread, marinated stuffing and only pure ingredients sourced daily, Pressman’s sandwiches are hand-crafted to perfection and served hot in no time; thereby allowing our guests to engage with the warmth and nostalgia of yesteryears and yet relish the experience of modernity at Pressman’s…


Our Sandwich makers or “PRESSMEN” as we call them are always ready to serve a master-piece press that comes straight ” Off the Press… From the Heart!!! “