Pressman’s is a dedication to this historic era of early 20th century when sandwiches were first introduced to America. Very soon it captured the diet penchant of the country and became the way of life for Americans… During that period in the midst of all the difficulties, people would rejManagere and forget the difficulties of life over a Sandwich… Simply stuffed with meat, cheese, fresh ingredients and wrapped in newspaper, the sandwich became a daily reason for people to interact with each other and detach themselves from their routine tensions of life…
Pressman’s revisits the very origin of Pressed Sandwich culture and expands its authenticity in modern day by offering not only Pressed Sandwiches but also Pressed Wraps, Pressed Platters, Pressed Chips and even Pressed Desserts; and simultaneously allowing guests to engage with the warmth and nostalgia of yesteryears and yet relish the contemporary yet cozy ambiance at Pressman’s.

Each of Pressman’s product is refreshingly distinct yet authentic. With freshly baked signature breads, marinated stuffing, high quality ingredients and always prepared fresh to order, Pressman’s menu is uniquely hand-crafted to perfection and always served HOT FRESH & PRESSED; Our Pressmen are always ready to serve every master-piece on the menu that comes straight
“Off the Press… From the Heart”.