Pressman's Sandwiches are...

1. Made with signature bread baked in house daily and is not frozen

All our products are sourced and prepared in-house daily offering only the best quality fresh menu at all times. We DO NOT out-source any of our preparations, recipes or products outside to third parties.

2. Free of Preservatives and artificial conditioners

All our sandwiches and their recipes are proprietary and prepared FRESH to order using only premium quality ingredients and FREE of any preservatives or artificial conditioners. All our meats, proteins,vegetables and fillings are prepared and marinated in-house daily to offer only the best quality fresh sandwich at all times.

3. Free of butter

Pressman’s Sandwiches DO NOT contain Butter. All our sandwiches are hand-crafted using signature in-house recipes and do not use butter to ensure that the taste of each sandwich is authentic and consumption of it is light on stomach and fit for conscious minds.

4. Pressed and served HOT FRESH and QUICK

All Pressman’s Sandwiches are served HOT. We strongly believe that any food and sandwiches in particular are tastier, healthier and more appetizing when served HOT. “Serving Hot Food” at all times has been the critical aspect of our concept.

5. Not pre-made and always made to order

Pressman’s Sandwiches are Prepared and Pressed to order at the time and are not pre-made and packed, thereby ensuring the best quality product and most delicious experience every time, any time.

6. Served with signature tomato soup to dip or sip

Community is at the heart of Pressman’s and we strongly believe that preserving environment is only an extension of it. Therefore most of our packaging items are made from environment- friendly and recyclable materials. We put every effort to preserve energy resources whether it be saving of water, using LED lighting or even having interior décor that allows maximum natural light.